• Stingers
    As experts in musculoskeletal care, we at ChiroCareLA.com offer complementary, non-addictive, fast-acting treatments for stingers and other shoulder pain. You may be wondering what chiropractic has to do with the Read more
  • Common Treatments for Whiplash
    Have you recently been in a motor vehicle accident or otherwise had your head snapped back and forth? Don’t delay seeking a clinical examination. The symptoms of whiplash don’t always Read more
  • Hip Bursitis
    Bursae are a crucial part of the musculoskeletal system. These small sacs of fluid provide the lubrication that allows our tendons to glide easily. But bursae can become inflamed, and Read more
  • Ice Pack Cryotherapy
    You are probably familiar with icing a freshly sprained ankle or busted shin to reduce swelling and pain. Cryotherapy, or “cold therapy,” works in the same way to reduce Read more
  • What is Subluxation?
    We at ChiroCareLA in Glendale, CA, understand that accidents happen. A slip, bump, fall, or another sudden trauma has the ability to cause subluxation, a misalignment in your spine. Read more

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