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  • "Thanks to Dr. Alajajian I am able to walk more freely now and enjoy my life. I have been to many doctors and none of them have come close to the healing he has provided. The staff is friendly and the office is super clean with what looks like new equipment."
  • "After stubbornly ignoring my lower back pain"
    Roza G., Los Angeles, CA
  • "Dr. Alajajyan is the best human being doctor I have ever met. Four years ago I had an accident and damaged my spine. Spin specialist sad that I have to do immediate surgery otherwise I'll be disabled after 6 month. I went to doctor Alajajyan and he looked at me and said "promise me you'll visit everyday (6days of week) for 3 months I'll fix it. If you miss a day don't come back" I was soooo hopeless after visiting the spine specialist that I would take any offer just to skip the surgery. It past 4 years after treatments and I feel great. Thank you Dr. Alajajyan, and thank God that people like you still exists.
    About the staff. They are amazing. Very friendly, full of energy, happy, and most important they care a lot about the patients. They will remember you even if you don't see them for years and will ask you about your health and problems. That is very shocking how they remember everyones health issues."
    Rubina H., Glendale, CA
  • "Dr. Alajajian and his staff are amazing! I suffer from muscular pain, degenerative disks in my neck, alignment issues, etc. Dr. Alajajian and the doctors in his office have helped me immensely. They have innovative treatments and go to every length to make sure I am taken care of. He and his office are not like others that I have been too. You are not rushed out feeling half treated. I know that some people are skeptical of Chiropractors, but, he and his team offer so much more. I recommend him to everyone I know. My suggestion is to see him before you go to anyone else."
    Sasha M., Los Angeles, CA
  • "Two days ago I felt sharp pain from my lower back going down to my legs. Called Dr. Alajajian and was able to see them same day. After the visit I feel much better. Hopefully after several visits I will be back to normal. Great doctor, fantastic and helpful stuff. Very friendly people. I'd highly recommend to friends and family that need chiropractic services."
    David D., Burbank, CA
  • "I was referred to Dr. Alajajian by another doctor for pain management. Dr. Alajajian & his staff are so very kind & patient. They are always working on ideas to help me regain full use of my arm. I have been in pain for several years and finally do see some improvement. I knew it was going to take time since my condition had deteriorated over the years, but I know I am in great hands. They truly do care about you here!"
    Jan H., Monrovia, CA
  • "Dr. Alajajian and his staff are the best. I decided to go to a chiropractor because of a recent car accident and I'm glad I chose to go to this one. I had many injuries including mostly neck, shoulder, middle back and lower back. So far everything is perfect and I defiantly feel like I'm getting major results. Without a doubt, I'm going to recommend all of my friends and family this office due to the knowledge, hospitality, professionalism and the amazing staff. Thank you doctors!"
    Alisher B., Glendale, Los Angeles, CA
  • "Great team of staff, professional,friendly ,and above all is the relief they can help provide. Thanks so much to the good crew helping us folks."
    Ronnie M., Pasadena, CA
  • "My family and I have always stuck to Dr. Alajajian for a reason. He is simply the best in the chiropractic field and the ultimate chiropractor. I cannot thank him enough.

    His expertise and knowledge in human anatomy reflects with the treatments,check ups, and professionalism he displays.

    He quickly gets to the root of the issue(s) and he understands where, why, how and what to do for you to heal properly and immediately feel better.

    It is almost impossible to leave his office without feeling some sort of pain relief. The staff is also great!

    I highly recommend anyone and his/her loved ones to make an appointment and see Hagop Alajajian for any physical injury or pain."
    Arman Y., Burbank, CA
  • "Dr. Alajajian's office is the epitome"
    Linia B., Glendale, CA
  • "I have treated at Dr. Alajajian's practice on two separate"
    Hassan H., Los Angeles, CA
  • "We are patients in this branch they are awesome they know what they are doing Dr. Alajajaian very responsible person he always checking on us asking questions and he is a good listener he knows a lot and if Dr.Alajajaian not present There is a Female Doctor Dr. Najawan she is a great chiropractor very good listener as well she always concerned about our pain and she always there to make sure everything goes well all employees working in that office they are very polite and friendly and always they keep checking on penitents if they are okay or they need anything else the waiting area is little tight but they always Take us IN on time and is a Friendly environment and most impotent they know how to treat the patients."
    Alfred D.

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