The Magnesphere is "intended to enhance feelings of relaxation" and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What is the Magnesphere

• A therapeutic device... Whole body Magnetic Resonance Therapy

• Registered as a class 1 medical device (lowest risk category)

How and what does the Magnesphere do

• The Magnesphere uses precise, extremely low level magnetic fields to create a relaxation response" in the body.

Deeper explanation these magnetic fields are physiologic...calculated to be equal to the magnetic fields naturally produced by the human body.

■ In comparison, the magnetic field emitted by a cell phone is 50 million times stronger and the magnetic field of the earth is 10 million times stronger.

• Magnesphere technology is based on the principles of

o Different tissues respond to different magnetic fields... muscle, tendon, bone, nerve, etc.

Deeper explanation -- Magnesphere technology produces precise magnetic fields that are calculated to target different tissues. o Restoring balance to the Autonomic (automatic) Nervous System. This is done by activation of the vagus nerve which promotes rest, recovery and healing.

Deeper explanation -- The ANS is a 2 part system... the

(parasympathetic) "rest and recovery" and (sympathetic) "fight or flight". ANS connects the brain to all our organs and regulates all vital functions in our body. The vagus nerve is the main player of the parasympathetic side.

■ A balanced ANS promotes rest, recovery and healing.

Deeper explanation -- When the ANS is out of balance (due to chronic stress or disease) the "fight or flight" portion becomes dominant. This causes negative effects in the body... release of particular biochemicals and disruption of the digestive system, both of which promote systemic inflammation. Inflammation is a key driving factor in the development and progression of all major chronic diseases, including accelerated aging!

• Magnesphere treatment allows the practitioner to address a number of health issues related to chronic stress... pain, stiffness, inflammation, headaches, digestion, energy and sleep

Deeper explanation -- The precise magnetic fields of the

Magnesphere reduce the negative effects of chronic stress and bring about a "relaxation response" in the body. So what does this mean...

"Relaxation" in the brain helps to rebalance the Autonomic nervous system.

"Relaxation" in the tissues helps to decrease edema, stiffness and pain in the muscles and joints and throughout the entire body.

What makes the Magnesphere different

• Magnesphere creates a uniform magnetic field immersing the entire body

• Magnesphere is the only magnetic therapy using Bio-Identical (physiologic) magnetic fields... same magnetic field strength produced by the brain, heart, etc.

• Magnesphere has dozens of treatment protocols targeting particular conditions

• Have the ability to modify Magnesphere treatment protocols for an individual using the BioMarker Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

• Record tracking info? (if doctor wants it recorded)

• May provide a blanket for comfort during the session

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