Pulling a Lower Back Muscle

Pulling a back muscle is a very common injury. Although strains and sprains are usually able to heal without significant intervention, they may be very painful, and they may mask more serious injuries. At Chiro Care LA in Glendale, our musculoskeletal care team provides fast-acting, safe therapies for injured soft tissues as well as joints. This week, we wanted to discuss what exactly a pulled muscle is, and how holistic healthcare can help patients without resorting to dangerous medications.

Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are made up of bundles of fibers. (Tendons connect muscles to bones or organs, while ligaments connect bones to each other and to cartilage.) An injury to a muscle or tendon is called a strain, while an injury to a ligament is called a sprain, but they are otherwise very similar. These tissues can suffer acute injuries, which is when large numbers of fibers rupture at once, but acute injuries are often preceded by chronic wear and tear. Overuse and lack of oxygen or nutrients slowly causes the soft tissues to fray, and may eventually weaken them to a point where they can be torn by a movement that may not have even seemed extraordinary. When soft tissues are injured, they become inflamed, and may cramp and spasm.

A pulled muscle will often cause a sharp pain that may last for hours or days, followed by a dull pain that could last for weeks. If the pain feels tingly, a nerve may have been damaged. Treatment for a pulled muscle will focus on reducing inflammation and exercises that will rebuild the muscle’s strength. Our office provides low level laser therapy to dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow, as well as electric muscle stimulation and therapeutic massages to push out static blood, allowing nutrient-rich new blood to flow in. We will also examine whether a patient may have suffered an injury to their spinal discs and provide necessary chiropractic adjustments.

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