Spinal Spurs

If you’re middle-aged, you may have been told after a recent doctor’s visit that you’re developing a spinal spur in your back. This is a fairly common phenomenon, but in certain conditions, it can lead to pain and dysfunction. However, that doesn’t mean surgery is your only option. At ChiroCareLA, we offer a variety of complementary services to help our patients overcome back pain without drugs or dangerous interventions. After we take a closer look at what spinal spurs are, you may be surprised at the different ways they can be treated.

Our bones are constantly breaking down and growing new tissue. Spurs are rounded bits that develop in areas where bones are rubbing against each other or are being subjected to pressure from inflamed tissues. Our vertebrae are connected to each other by interlocking protuberances on their backs called facet joints. Normally, facet joints are protected and lubricated by a layer of cartilage, but if a person suffers from osteoarthritis, their cartilage is breaking down, creating the potential for their bony facets to grind into each other. A person might also develop a bone spur if they are experiencing degeneration in their spinal discs, which tends to happen as people age. As discs lose water and cease to function as effective shock absorbers, the ligaments near them have to take on more strain. This often causes the ligaments to become inflamed, and for spurs to develop in the places where they attach to bones.

Bony protrusions from the vertebrae may cause soreness in the muscles running over them or impinge nearby nerves, arteries, or other soft tissues. Through physical therapy, a patient may increase the flexibility of their back muscle to make spurs less of an issue, and increased core strength will remove much of the stress on arthritic facet joints. We can also provide chiropractic adjustments for herniated discs, relieving the pressure on the surrounding tissues. Our vertebral decompression table further allows us to provide targeted, non-invasive treatment that will quickly relieve pressure in a patient’s back and put them in the optimal position for their body’s self-healing process.

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