Treatments for Sciatica

Sciatica is a particularly insidious form of back pain. Not only does a person who has it feel sore in their lower back, they also experience shocks of pain down the length of their legs. However, there are several non-invasive, non-addictive treatments we provide for it at ChiroCare in Glendale. Patients often respond positively to complementary therapies, feeling reduced symptoms and becoming more resilient against future injuries while undergoing adjustments to allow their spines to heal themselves.

The sciatic nerves to our legs emerge from the spinal cord in our lower backs. When a lumbar region disc is herniated or a vertebra is out of place, it may compress one of the sciatic nerves. (Typically, only one sciatic nerve is compressed, so a patient only feels pain or numbness along one leg.) Swelling in the pelvic muscles, which the sciatic nerves pass through, could also cause sciatica, as could swelling in the sacroiliac joints, which are where the base of the spinal column attaches to the pelvis. Each of these causes could be due to an acute injury, but are more often due to long-term degeneration. Therefore, treatments would include lifestyle modifications as well as pain reduction.

Diagnosis of sciatica includes efforts to determine where and why the sciatic nerve is being compressed. Impingement of different nerve roots sometimes results in symptoms being felt in different areas. Treatment includes instrument-delivered spinal adjustments for misaligned vertebrae, and use of a distraction and compression table to create negative pressure in spinal discs, allowing herniated tissue to move back into place. Additional treatments include electric muscle stimulation to reduce swelling in the pelvic region. We’ll also provide patients with advice on therapeutic exercise to increase the strength and flexibility of their core, hip, and hamstring muscles, preventing them from atrophying while they heal, and on better posture to reduce the strain on their backs.

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