Hamstring Injuries

In order to remain in comfortable skeletal alignment, we can’t let our muscles become overused. But particularly when there is a problem in our lower limbs, we tend to compensate by tightening counter pulling muscles, causing strain to our hips and lower backs. Although our hamstring muscles do not directly connect to the lumbar spine, their health is necessary for keeping the hips in alignment. At Chiro Care LA, we provide safe, complementary treatments for musculoskeletal pain, and this week, we’re taking a closer look at the hamstrings.

The hamstrings are the muscles that run from the pelvis, along the back of the leg, to the knee. They allow us to bend our knees and move our legs backwards. Although these muscles are strong, they are vulnerable to fraying when people start and stop suddenly, as happens in games such as tennis and basketball. When a hamstring frays, a person will feel pain in the back of their leg and have difficulty standing or walking. This is more likely to occur if a person’s quadricep muscles are stronger than their hamstrings, as the patient will feel more temptation to push themselves beyond what their hamstrings can endure.

The standard response to a sports injury is rest, ice, compression, and elevation. However, the hamstrings need exercise to rebuild their strength, and regular stretching is the best way to prevent them from fraying in the future. In addition to advice on therapeutic stretches, we provide several inflammation reduction treatments, including low level laser, frequency specific microcurrents, and cryotherapy. As practitioners of holistic health, we can also determine whether a patient has acquired a subluxation in their lower back by compensating for weak hamstrings, and correct it via instrument.

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