Shoes for Good Posture

Good posture is essential for avoiding aches and pains, and musculoskeletal alignment begins with the feet. At ChiroCareLA in Glendale, we provide non-addictive, non-invasive solutions for muscle and joint pain. But we also value prevention, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Whether we maintain a posture that supports or overtaxes our backs, necks, shoulders, and hips, depends partly on our shoes, so we wanted to pass along some advice for shopping.

One of the most important things to avoid in a shoe is an inclined sole that will force your toes into a narrow box. This could lead to long-term shifts in your foot structure that would make it more difficult for your feet to distribute your weight. But whatever kind of shoes you get, you’ll want to try them on in conditions as similar as possible to how you plan to use them. Wear the sort of socks you’ll pair it with for a more accurate fit, and if you’ll be wearing the shoes for a long period, get them later in the day, after your feet have spread out a bit from carrying you and when you know what the shoes will feel like when you’re slightly fatigued. Also keep in mind that your feet might not be the same size, and you should have both measured.

In order to provide arch support, a shoe needs to have a firm sole. Avoid shoes that can easily be bent, and if you’re getting sneakers, look for ones with snug ankle cuffs. If you’re looking for work boots, OSHA offers advice that is specific to different environments, but you’ll generally want boots with slip-resistant soles and a bit of a heel. Slips can result in falls that damage a person’s spinal column or back and hip muscles even if they catch themselves before they hit the ground, but a good pair of shoes make that less likely and reduce daily strain on the musculoskeletal system.

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