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At ChiroCareLA, we take a holistic approach to health. People are less likely to suffer from joint fatigue or to incur acute injuries when they have robust musculoskeletal systems. And one of the most effective ways to maintain the musculoskeletal system’s strength is through weightlifting. In our Glendale office, Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff offer individualized care and will help people who have suffered injuries to determine what is safe for them. But we thought we would pass along some basic pointers regarding weight lifting safety.

A professional fitness instructor will be able to help you determine which techniques are best-suited to your goals, but you can expect to be slowly increasing the length and intensity of your workouts. You will be alternating which muscle groups you work each day so you won’t focus on any more than three times per week, or two days in a row. Before each workout, you’ll need to do a warm-up of at least five minutes to increase blood flow through your muscles, and you’ll end each workout with a five-minute cooldown.

Different equipment has different safety protocols, but you should avoid using heavy weights alone. Breathe in while lowering a weight and exhale while lifting it, and remember to avoid twisting your head while you’re lifting. You also should avoid lifting in a way that causes your joints to bend backward. If this all sounds intimidating, remember that our office provides a variety of therapies for workout recovery, and that a sedentary lifestyle is more likely to result in degeneration and long-term pain than an active one, and. As your muscles become larger, they’ll be able to take more weight off of your ligaments and joints, and your bones will also become denser and less likely to incur small fractures.

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