Correcting Subluxations

When you think of chiropractic, you probably think of adjustments for subluxations. In actuality, chiropractic is much bigger than that. At ChioCareLA, Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff offer a wide variety of complementary treatments to aid in recovery from musculoskeletal issues. But it is true that understanding the relationship between the spine and the rest of the body is central to chiropractic, and that adjustments are one of our primary means of correcting nerve impingements. This week’s blog post is dedicated to explaining what a subluxation is, and why gentle pressure is one of the most reliable ways of treating it.

Subluxations are partial dislocations. Our spinal columns are made up of bones called vertebrae that are linked together by spinal discs, which are springy shock-absorbers between the main bodies of the vertebrae, and facet joints, made up of interlocking protuberances on the vertebrae's backsides. Our body’s nerves emerge from the spinal cord through small holes in the vertebrae, and when a vertebra is out of place, it may put pressure on that nerve. This is called an impingement, and an impinged nerve may experience pain, numbness, or tingling along its length. If a subluxation is causing the surrounding muscles or ligaments to become irritated, as can happen when a ruptured spinal disc secretes inflammatory proteins, the swollen soft tissues may also be impinging a nerve.

There are a few different ways of correcting a subluxated vertebrae, but the most basic is an adjustment. This is the controlled use of sudden force to push a vertebrae back into place. The force used is gentle, and our office delivers them through hand-held pumps. Many people find adjustment pleasant and experience quick relief of impingement symptoms. But the longer a subluxation is allowed to continue, the more the spinal column will shift, so non-invasive interventions have the best chance of success when they’re done early.

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