Upper Crossed Syndrome


Are you careful to keep good posture while you drive or sit at your desk? If you aren’t, you risk developing a type of deformity chiropractors refer to as Upper Crossed Syndrome. The good news is that Upper Crossed Syndrome is almost always reversible, but the bad news is that it’s often a source of pain in the jaw, neck, shoulders, and upper back. Dr Alajajian and his staff in Glendale, CA, utilize a variety of complementary treatments to help patients recover from the effects of bad posture. Let’s take a close look at Upper Crossed Syndrome and how non-invasive treatments can help.

In a person with Upper Crossed Syndrome, some of the muscles in their upper body have become overactive and tight, while others that are underused have become weak. If you were to imagine a person with Upper Crossed Syndrome as seen from their side, their overactive shoulder and chest muscles would form one diagonal line, and their underactive neck and upper back muscles would form an intersecting diagonal. Their hunched posture, with their head thrust forward and their shoulders raised, would become self-reinforcing without intervention, resulting in aching muscles and difficulty moving.

As a chiropractic office, we can safely adjust back and neck joints that have become subluxated due to the pressure of tight muscles. But to truly treat Upper Crossed Syndrome, a patient will need to engage in physical therapy that will stretch their shoulders and chests and strengthen their necks. They will also have to ensure they’re taking frequent breaks from sitting to warm up their muscles, keeping their backs supported, and engaging in regular exercise to stay limber.

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