When the sciatic nerve is pinched, patients experience pain in their lower back, hips, buttocks, and legs. Sciatica is painful, but you don’t have to suffer in agony your whole life. At, Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff use non-invasive treatments to relieve pain, allowing patients to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Contact our office in Glendale, CA to learn more!

What Causes Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. Spanning from your lower back and down to your hips, buttocks, and two legs, sciatica usually starts because of a herniated disk in the lower spine. This herniation causes the disk to place pressure on the nerves, including the sciatic nerve. Most sciatica patients range from 30-50 years old. While rare, children and teens are prone to sciatica too. 


One of the main symptoms of sciatica is pain. Pain levels vary and radiate from different parts of the lower back. Sometimes the pain consists of electric-like shots, mild aches, or sharp burning sensations. Other symptoms include numbness, tingling feelings, and muscle weakness.

How Chiropractic Care Helps

Spinal Adjustments

Since sciatica impacts the nerve, Dr. Alajajajian and his staff recommend spinal adjustments to relieve pain. Spinal misalignment or subluxation means your vertebrae is moved from its original position. This misalignment impairs the brain’s communication with the body’s neural pathways. The good news is spinal adjustments greatly remove the pressure of the sciatic nerve, giving you the much-needed relief to go on with your life. 

Diet Tips

Overweight individuals are more likely to develop sciatica due to the immense spinal strain. That’s why your Glendale, CA chiropractor and staff advise patients to eat healthy. Maintaining a well-rounded diet with fruits and vegetables lowers inflammation and reduces excess weight on the joints.

Ice Pack Therapy

Reduce pain and swelling with ice pack therapy today. This therapy results in an “ice-pack” relief, dramatically reducing the debilitating pain of sciatica. 

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