Foot Cramps

Good posture depends on a solid base. If there’s a problem in the foot, a person may throw off their whole musculoskeletal alignment trying to compensate for it. At, our chiropractic practitioners offer a variety of soft tissue treatments for plantar fasciitis, which is swelling in the connective tissue at the bottom of the foot. But sometimes, foot pain has a simpler explanation, which is why we want to talk about avoiding foot cramps.


Foot cramps occur when the muscles in the feet tighten suddenly, usually while a person is lying down. They often occur when the muscle is fatigued from overuse or getting inadequate nutrition. While staying hydrated and getting plenty of potassium are important for preventing muscle cramps, if the foot has inadequate blood supply, necessary nutrients may not be reaching it. A patient may be able to correct this by wearing shoes that aren’t as tight and that don’t force their foot forward.


In the moment a cramp occurs, a person may be able to relieve their pain by putting pressure on their foot and gently stretching it. If they get cramps frequently, they may need to review their work-out routine to ensure they are warming up properly and aren’t overworking their lower limbs. We can determine whether a patient’s musculoskeletal system needs any minor adjustments and provide pain-relieving therapies such as cryotherapy, Rapid Release Technique, and frequency specific microcurrents if a person’s muscles are chronically cramping.


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